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The Wand® STA


We understand that many of our patients feel anxiety about taking a trip to the dentist, and to ease some of this discomfort, we have invested in the Wand STA system to make your dental experience as stress-free as possible.

What is the Wand STA?

The Wand STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System is a computer-controlled injection tool used by dentists. A computer is used to control the rate of flow of a local anesthetic, meaning that the injection will be slow, steady, and comfortable. Many people who have had poor experiences with injections in the past believe that the sting is caused by the needle, but in most cases, the discomfort is a result of anesthetic that is fired too quickly. The Wand removes the human error by controlling the speed of injection, and this can be reassuring to patients who may have had bad injection experiences in the past.

The Wand STA looks nothing like a syringe, making it a great option for kids. The hardware looks quite similar to a small computer tower, and the hand piece looks similar to a ballpoint pen. The handheld device does sport a needle, but it is very tiny. A small cartridge containing local anesthetic will sit at the top of the tower, and it is connected to the hand piece in order to deliver the medicine to the patient’s mouth.

Benefits of the Wand STA

There are several benefits of the Wand STA that make it successful in our practice. This device looks non-threatening, which is especially beneficial when working on the teeth of children. It offers precise control of pressure and flow rate in order to produce the most comfortable injection possible, and for dentists, the tool is lightweight and easy to handle.