How We Are Unique

At Dr. Pike Dentistry For Children, there are three ways we are unique. Dr. Steven Pike explains in the video below.

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Video Transcription: 3 Ways Dr. Pike Dentistry For Children Is Unique

Hi, this is Dr. Steve Pike and today I would like to tell you why our office is unique.

There are three things that are really important and they fall under the category of us doing everything we can to make going to the dentist a good experience for kids.

#1 – Specialized Interaction

The first thing is the way we interact with your child, it is going to be specific for that child. Some kids are comfortable going a little bit quicker and some kids need us to go a little bit slower.

When a child comes here we watch how they are responding to what we are doing and then we change what we are doing. It is a very person specific kind of approach.

#2 – Progressive Desensitization

We do what we call progressive desensitization. We slowly introduce the kids to all of the things that we are doing.

We see how they respond and we either move forward or back up to see where they are not comfortable.

# 3 – Kids Get A Say!

The last thing is, all of the kids that come here have a certain amount of say. If they need for us to stop all they have to do is raise their hand. As soon as they raise their hand we stop right away. Every person that works in this office knows that.

Because we don’t use force and we give the kids a certain amount of say, it is actually very rare to hear a child cry in this office.

If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to schedule an appointment or send us an email. We would love to talk more about this.

Thank you.