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Myofunctional Training

For years, many people have believed that braces were the only way to properly straighten the teeth or correct problems with jaw misalignment, but myofunctional training has provided a new alternative.

This treatment option is available for patients of all ages in order to correct the underlying causes of tooth and jaw misalignment. By better understanding how myofunctional training works and who might be a good candidate, you can make an informed decision about whether myofunctional training is right for you. 

How Myofunctional Training Works

Myofunctional training works to straighten the teeth and jaws without the use of braces. Treatment options like Myobrace utilize myofunctional orthodontic techniques to address poor oral habits that serve as underlying causes of misaligned teeth. Light, intermittent force is then used to align the teeth by using removable dental appliances that are to be worn 1-2 hours per day and while sleeping. The daily use of myofuncitonal training can lead to straighter teeth, a healthier smile, and optimal facial development.

It is important to note that braces are still the top method for straightening teeth, but braces won’t address many of the problems that caused teeth to become crowded in the first place.

Many orthodontic problems are caused by tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, and other oral habits. Without correction of the underlying cause, orthodontic treatment time will increase, and once braces have been removed, the teeth can crowd again. Myofunctional training helps to correct the underlying problem for good in order to prevent relapses.

Who Should Use Myofunctional Training

Myofunctional training treatment programs can be used for kids, teens, or adults. Approximately 75% of children suffer from an incorrectly developed jaw or crowded teeth, and these problems can be evident as early as four years old.

The optimal treatment age to begin myofunctional training is 6-10 years old, as treating poor myofunctional habits early can lead to improved jaw growth and good dental alignment.

Adults are choosing myofunctional training for a variety of reasons. Some may have had braces as a child but have experienced a crowding relapse, while others may want straighter teeth while avoiding traditional braces. Myofunctional training can align the teeth and correct poor oral habits that caused the misalignment, and it can be especially helpful in treating patients who suffer from a TMJ problem.

Please contact us or request an appointment online if you feel your child could benefit from myofunctional training.