Best Foods for Kids to Eat to Promote Healthy Teeth and Gums

smiling kid in white shirt

While proper brushing and flossing are important to promote healthy teeth and gums, what your kids eat will also make a big difference when it comes to their oral health. In fact, there are several foods that you can serve your children in order to promote a healthier mouth. Find out which foods your child should be eating in order to achieve the best possible oral health.


Although juice, soda, and chocolate milk may be your child’s favorite beverages, it is important to limit the frequency of these sugary drinks. The more often sugar from juice, soda, or chocolate milk is on the teeth, the more it feeds the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria then produce acid, which lead to cavities. Water and milk are great choices for your family’s default beverage option.


Researchers believe that cheese may have protective properties that can keep teeth healthy and prevent cavities. Consumption of cheese increases oral pH by stimulating salivary flow and raising plaque calcium levels, both of which promote demineralization of teeth. Cheese also contains casein phosphopeptides, amorphous calcium phosphate which plan an important role in re-mineralizing teeth.

Whole Foods

Foods that are less processed foods are often lower in sugar. Conversely, foods that are more processed are usually higher in sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup. Eating foods lower in added sugars will make you less prone to cavities and promote better overall health. Always read the labels and look for less processed foods with less added sugar.

Avoid Dried Fruits

Dried fruits such as raisins, fruit roll-ups, and freeze-dried mangos are marketed to parents as being healthy snack choices. Dried sticky foods like these may stick on the teeth for hours. These “natural” products have sugars that feed the bacteria in the mouth and lead to cavities.