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Meet Dr. Suher Baker

Suher Baker, DMD, MS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist

I am very passionate about pediatric dentistry and a big advocate for improving oral health for children. I enjoy the preventive aspect of pediatric dentistry with a big emphasizes on positive engaging experiences in the dental office. Ensuring the development of life-long trustworthy relationships with the dental providers that motivate patients to tirelessly care for their teeth and maintain healthy dentitions.

What makes patient care efficient and safe is a child-friendly passionate team approach. Working with a team as ours is both gratifying and rewarding as it allows for personalized care with the patient and family being at the center of attention.

Education and Experience

I joined Dr. Pike’s office in 2018 after serving as the Department Chair for Pediatric Dentistry at Yale University and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) respectively. I enjoy the evidence based approach to children’s oral health and am a big believer of non-invasive preventive approaches to restoring children’s teeth.

Professional Memberships

Outside the Office

I am Canadian and grew up in Toronto and Geneva, Switzerland. I did my professional education in different parts of the US and am currently pursuing a MBA degree from OHSU. I have 2 young adult children who go to college in Oregon. On my free time, I enjoy reading, horseback riding and travelling with my family.


English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic