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“Thank you for providing such good service.  Keep up the good work. We won’t hesitate to recommend you.”
– Janice B.

I“I recently took my son to Dr. Pike on the recommendation of so many people I’ve forgotten who they are. Dr. Pike’s approach is wonderful – he comes from a place of making children feel at ease––so if this is your child’s first dentist, this may be the start of a life without dental fear. there are gerbils, video games and toys in the office. I was most impressed at our initial visit – Dr. Pike got down on the floor with my son and I to examine his mouth (he’s 18 months old) just so my son wouldn’t think anything of it. All in all, if you are seeking a pediatric dentist, look no further.”
– Christine C.

“My child is a bit reserved with new people, but the calm and positive attitude here makes it no problem to get his exam done.  He was actually looking forward to his last visit (what can I say, he likes the gerbils).”
– Kate M.

“Best dentist ever! I wish the Pike docs (father and son team) also saw adults.  They are so friendly and nice and do everything they can to make going to the dentist a fun and stress free experience.  After visiting these dentists just one time, my 3 year old started wanting to play dentist and asking me to clean her teeth. They let the kids touch all the instruments and play with them. They also have pets in the office, games to play and prizes for kids to pick out as well as getting a new toothbrush and paste. Oh, and those new nifty xylitol wipes!  When my daughter turned 4 she chipped a tooth and had to get it filled. She was completely cooperative and they didn’t even have to use the laughing gas that they sometimes use to help kids relax. It was over in just a few minutes–– very fast and painless! I recommend these guys to everyone who asks where to take their child for a dental checkup. They are awesome!”
– Anonymous

“Thank you for providing a positive dental experience for my daughter.  As young adults they are relaxed about seeing a dentist and understand the value of regular check-ups.”
– Maya B.

“We had a great experience for both our children for 20 years!  Thanks, so much!!”
– Chris F.

“Thank you so very much for the excellent care you have given Elizabeth all these years.”
– Lori S.

“Great care and great attention to small children, it sets them up for a good feeling toward dentistry in their future.”
– Cynthia S.

“Dr. Pike and staff went above and beyond to help Brennan be comfortable with his dental experience.  We are extremely grateful for your quality care and concern for his overall well-being.”
– Cheri R.

“I think your office is terrific for children – highly recommended.”
– Robin S.

“We have only wonderful things to say about your office and recommend it highly.”
– Nadine C.

“For the past several years, we have been struggling to find a dentist that can work with our 9 year old daughter’s severe gag reflex. The whole journey has resulted in a fear of the dentist. We have been shuffled to the ‘quiet room,’ scared, and made to believe that GENERAL ANESTHESIA is the only way to have our daughter have a cavity filled. Thank goodness we listened to our gut and kept searching for someone who would be gentle and patient with her. We found our perfect fit with Dr. Pike and his staff at Dentistry for Children. The entire staff is very warm and approachable.   She now loves going to the dentist. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Pike whether your child is fearful or not.”
– Deborah A.

“Fantastic dental practice.  My daughter, 7, cant wait to go visit the dentist and their staff is wonderful with kids.  I would highly recommend this place.  The two Drs. Pike and some of the other pediatric dentists in the Practice are all great.”
– Roshanti W.

“This is a dental practice that is really child centered.  I was very nervous about choosing a dentist for my child, as I myself had negative experiences as a kid.  Dr. Pike was recommended by a friend, and I am so glad!  The whole philosophy is to make the children comfortable, and provide an experience that is going to be positive.  Every staff member who we’ve interacted with has been patient and kind while being efficient.  Even with many patients there, they don’t seem rushed. They are also good at providing clear explanations and information to parents.”
– Anonymous

“This place is perfect for my two kids. I took them in for their first exams ever this week at ages 4 and 2. I’d been putting off selecting a dentist for them because I was afraid my 4 year old would be too scared, and my 2 year old would be too wild to sit still and follow directions. I found this dentist by doing an online search and reviewing several websites and patient reviews.  I was educated on their philosophy, and just let my kids be kids and take the evaluation at THEIR pace. (this was hard on me, but great for them; Dr. Pike even said to go ahead and let my 2 year old stay in the lobby if she wasn’t ready to follow us for the tour… but sure enough in a minute or so, she came on her own and found us at the toy box). Not only did my 4 year old allow them to CLEAN his teeth, AND use the suction tube, but he willingly let them do a cavity treatment (yes, he had one). Even my 2 year old hopped on the table and laid down on her own and let Dr Pike check her teeth! I still can’t believe it. When I posted my pleasure at the experience (cavities and all) on facebook, a friend replied, Must be Dr. Pike! She was right! Highly recommended.”
– Kathleen D.

“Dr. Pike has been wonderful in working with our girls.  He always advised us on concerns for the whole child.”
– Sara T.

“We really are satisfied with the care at Dr. Pike’s. My kids actually get excited to go to the dentist.”
– Shannon C.

“Looking for a dentist for your kid?  This is it.  I too was given multiple referrals to Dr. Pike.  There’s 2 generations of Dr. Pikes working here and they are both fantastic.  My son adores going to the dentist.  This place is made for kids.  There is no detail left unattended to.  Your kid will love going to the dentist.  You will be impressed, I guarantee it!”
– Anonymous

“Today we came in for a cleaning and Liz cleaned Jacob’s teeth.  She is WONDERFUL.  She really does glow and she did an amazing job with Jacob!   She really made us both feel really great about being there. Thank you for having such a wonderful staff!  Thank you SO much for how you treat your little patients (and their parents).  The ladies at the front desk are so helpful too.  Always, kind and sweet!  I just can’t say enough about how much I love and appreciate your office!”
– Anonymous